Does Home Insurance Cover Broken Windows

Your home is your most valuable asset. Investing in Home Insurance is certainly something you should think about in case of theft, an accident, or even a broken window. It offers you peace of mind knowing your property is safe in case something was to happen. If you own your own home, then there could be a chance that one day you will need a window that is broken to be replaced. It can be a common repair, but the replacement of a broken window pane can be costly especially if the window is large. Many people who are paying home insurance will consider making a claim to their home insurance policy to cover the costs of replacing the window. Many people ask their insurers company am I covered under my home insurance policy to cover the costs of replacing my broken window, and the answer is simple it really all depends and here are the reasons why:  

What does Home Insurance Cover?

With most home insurance policies, it will provide cover for any damage to your house and its contents along with liability for any accidents which happen in the home.

Cause of Damage and will it provide coverage for window replacement 

A lot of insurance policies will generally provide cover for natural disasters  such as storm damage, or any other unexpected occurrence. If your window has been broken by another person or you had an accident such as a car collision by vehicle your insurance policy will cover you.

When am I not covered?

If you break the window by your own negligence you probably won’t be covered by your policy. E.G. If you were cleaning your windows and the ladder went through your window this is your own fault you will not be covered.  

How much cover can I get? 

Typically, the cost of repairing an A rated window is relatively high. It really depends on how damaged the window is the cost could go beyond €500.  

  • Deductible payment 

Whatever the reason for your broken window even if it is under your insurance cover you still might not able to put in a claim. Due to the deductible amount you may still have to pay out of your own pocket for repairs. If you have a high-deductible policy to lower your premiums than the cost of replacing your windows will be moderately low. The amount may not exceed your deductible.  

  • Standard Tear and Wear 

Every homeowner insurance policy dismisses coverage for standard tear and wear because the maintenance of your own home is your responsibility. Your insurer will have to review the claim. E.G If your window gets broken due to storm damage you are covered by your policy. If your window becomes damaged due to no maintenance, then your insurers may deny your claim.   Broken windows are a lot more common then you think. Shop around for your home insurance and make sure you know exactly what you are getting under your cover policy.